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Keir Hopley became a member of and following a recommendation from a friend. Since joining, Keir has secured a role as an ‘Independent Person’ with The London Borough of Brent. Read our latest success story to hear how Keir is finding life as non-executive and the advice he’d give to others looking to take the leap.


London based Keir Hopley boasts a reputable career journey having spent over 33 years in the civil service. He initially started out in the civil service fast stream as a graduate and worked his way up the ranks to perform senior civil service policy jobs in the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice. In September 2016 Keir made the decision to leave the service with the hopes of setting up his own business and securing some non-executive roles. 


The move to a portfolio career was earlier than intended for Keir, but due to the government making a number of cuts to the civil service he felt it was a suitable time to make the move. Since leaving his full-time position, Keir has established a successful international consultancy business, offering advice to governments, NGOs and companies on justice reform overseas. This work has seen Keir travel to Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Not long after leaving full-time work, Keir also became a member of and He was made aware of the networks following a recommendation from a friend who was also an active member. Keir believed that he would be a suitable fit for non-executive roles having previously chaired interview panels for Non-Executive Directors whilst in the civil service. 


Since joining the network, Keir has secured a two-year appointment with The London Borough of Brent as an ‘Independent Person’. The role requires Keir to attend council standards committee meetings four times a year and he must also offer an independent perspective if matters of impropriety amongst council officers arise.

Commenting on securing the non-executive position, Keir said: “The role with The London Borough of Brent isn’t a massive commitment, which is exactly what I wanted when first starting out. However, I now feel ready to accelerate my portfolio career and get two or three non-executive roles in addition to my consultancy work and the position with The London Borough of Brent.”

When asked about the benefits of a portfolio career, Keir adds: “One of the biggest benefits is that you’ve got much more time to yourself and flexibility with work, however making the move shouldn’t be taken lightly. The pace of work definitely slows and you won’t always have the security of knowing exactly when your next paycheck will be.”

Looking ahead, Keir is keen on identifying some other suitable non-executive positions via the network and wants to use his skills positively to impact other businesses.

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