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Midnight tonight is the deadline for private sector businesses and charities with more than 250 staff to report their gender pay gap figures. 

The new rules, which were unveiled last January, have been designed to promote transparency in the workplace. Those companies who fail to report their figures will be landed with substantial fines and could even face court proceedings.

The gender pay gap is a topic that regularly hits headlines around the world and this report will be no exception. According to an article by Personnel Today, 78% of UK companies pay men more than women, while 13% pay women more, a finding that many claim is a harsh injustice for female professionals, especially when you consider the fact that many companies are yet to submit their statistics. 

Here at In Touch Networks, we pride ourselves on equal opportunities and have even developed a network,, to offer female professionals a dedicated platform to network with other elite professionals and source high paid, reputable roles in leading firms across the UK. 

Each month we host lunch meetings where members can highlight key issues encountered by females in the workplace and identify how these can be remedied through the sharing of first-hand experiences. Almost 50% of In Touch Networks Board of Directors consists of females, including our UK CEO, Emma Rawlinson, who talked at our most recent luncheon, and Karlie Jelly, Director of Customer Engagement.

Commenting on the gender pay gap deadline and the importance of women having equal rights in the workplace, Karlie Jelly, said: “The fact that this ruling has been introduced indicates that businesses and the government are finally starting to acknowledge the injustice that women are paid substantially less than men. Although females may have more presence and voice, this isn’t necessarily reflected in their salary, something which needs to change.

“All companies should be willing to be open and honest about the pay gap within their businesses. If we have a fair representation of what is going on across the whole scope of large UK businesses then it gives female professionals a point of reference when arguing their rights and evidencing the need for change.

“I’m sure the final figures that will be revealed after midnight tonight will be an important point of discussion moving forward.”

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