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Every board level professional, no matter their years or level of expertise, should be conscious of their own personal growth and development. 

The business landscape is continually changing, which can make it challenging for elite professionals to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a full awareness of how best to perform in the boardroom. 

For the past two decades, It is becoming increasingly popular for professionals to seek help from an executive coach. A coach can offer guidance and support from an external, yet experienced perspective. Why is now a good time to invest? Here are three reasons why now is a better time than ever before to seek support from an Executive Coach.

1. Don’t get left behind

Sportsmen have coaches to help them perfect their sporting techniques, employees have managers who they can frequently seek assistance from, students have tutors to advise them on their work assignments. Therefore, why wouldn’t someone who is making the transition to a portfolio career not seek guidance from an experienced individual who has already successfully made the move? Competition in the business world is notoriously fierce and coaching can guide you through pivotal decisions, whilst helping you to manage the frustration and stress of a different way of working as a Non-Executive Director. Coaching is gaining popularity amongst C-suite executives and you want to ensure you have the confidence, skills and objective mindset to successfully secure new non-executive positions against the competition and perform exceptionally in the boardroom.

2. Face-to-face meetings are no longer a must

Allocating a convenient time for a weekly face-to-face meeting with an Executive Coach no longer has to be a challenge. With the significant rise of audio/visual platforms like Skype and Facetime, connecting with a coach has never been easier. You now have the ability to meet almost anytime, anywhere, regardless of your location. Coaching has evolved to become another form of content that you can absorb. The format of your coaching has adapted to the modern world, meaning you are now able to engage with your coach via micro-learning sessions and interactive videos developed to enhance your capabilities. 

3. Get the advice and guidance you need fast and on demand

Time is precious in the world of business and for those pursuing a portfolio career, this is certainly the case. As a Non-Executive Director, or as someone looking to make a career transition, you take charge of your future success. Your income is solely reliant on the amount of work you attract and how well you perform. Therefore, it can be invaluable to have a person who knows your situation and is there to support you at the end of a call, Whatsapp or Skype session. Executive Coaches are equipped to deliver practical wisdom with immediacy and provide clarity in situations where you face difficult demands and pressing issues. 

We offer a choice of two executive coaching programmes. Register your interest here and a member of our dedicated coaching team will be in touch to discuss the options most suitable for your current situation.