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With competition to land your next role at an all-time high, having a CV that sets you apart is vital, especially when you are at director level. Therefore, it is no surprise that people invest in a professionally written CV, but why is it that they buy into the service?


Increase in recruitment activity


It may seem common-sense, but an impactful, well-written CV will inevitably improve your chances of getting noticed by employers. The job market is notoriously fierce, hence why your CV should be your ultimate marketing document. It should be the epicentre of your personal brand. However, developing a winning CV takes time and objectivity. Therefore, it’s often logical to pass the responsibility of such an important document to an external yet experienced professional that specialises in CV writing and can alleviate room for error.


Open your eyes and nail the interview


With a professional CV at your disposal, you’ll be able to outline your expertise and experience more eloquently when at interview stage. It will act as a fantastic reference point when preparing to meet with recruiters and companies by highlighting the standout moments of your career. Often, people get their eyes opened to what they are actually capable of when their CV is re-developed and formatted correctly 


Would you buy an unappealing product?


Aside from potential employers coming across your LinkedIn or network profile, your CV is the only way to truly sell your professional abilities and suitability for a vacancy. It is the window to you for hiring manager or companies. A bad CV could not only prohibit you from landing the role at hand but could also tarnish your reputation amongst the sector and recruitment community. A clumsy, lengthy and uninviting CV will often have more of a detrimental impact than many assume.


A small investment in the scheme of things


Acquiring a professionally written CV is an insignificant slice of your annual salary. When you consider what you could earn if you land the role then paying for a CV that ticks every box is rational. You spend your salary on a whole host of different things, so why not invest in your career? After all, you do spend the majority of your entire life at work so it should be a priority to get to the place that you want to be as an elite professional.


Invaluable insider knowledge 


Knowing what recruiters actually want in your field and the tools they use to automatically sift through CVs isn’t easy. CV writers are highly knowledgeable and understand exactly what should be included. At least ours do. With backgrounds in HR and recruitment, they’ll craft a document that won’t be tossed aside. If you don’t know how to complete a task at work then you’ll seek help from a colleague or invest in some training. Your CV is the same. Seeking help isn’t admitting defeat, in fact, getting help from professionals that specialise in CV writing and know the tricks to improve your chances of success is an extremely logical move.