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For our February success story, we spoke to David Powell, an active member of to hear about his experience of using the network and his delight at securing a role as a Non-Executive Director.


Having spent almost 40 years in employment, David made the decision to retire from full-time work in December 2016 at the age of 58. Prior to retiring, David spent four years in a Management Consultancy company, three years of which were at Director-level, and 36 years in the armed forces, during which he held several senior positions. During his time in these roles, he gained substantial experience of operating at board level and effectively interacting with management.


Whilst David had chosen to take early retirement from full-time work, he was still willing to commit to a few days per month so therefore started to explore Non-Executive Director opportunities. Having never done a non-exec role before, David searched for suitable openings online and came across David officially became a member of the network in April 2017, with the aim of securing a role as a Non-Executive Director and expanding his professional network.


In July of last year, David was shortlisted for interview for an Academy Ambassador role as a Non-Executive Director / Trustee of a Multi Academy Trust. Commenting on the application process, he said: “I found it really straightforward to apply for roles on the network. I was particularly interested in roles like the Academy Ambassador opening and was delighted when I was notified via email that this was available on I used other jobs boards but could never quite find the right role.” 

Following his application, David landed the role of Academy Ambassador and now works a few days per a month as a non-exec. When asked about the position that he secured, David said: “The role is exactly what I was looking for, with it being a Multi Academy Trust there is a lot going on at board level and I’m really enjoying the role. From reading papers and making comments, to offering up strategic advice, it has been both a challenge and a reward to become a Non-Executive Director, or as many would say the ‘critical friend’. It isn’t the easiest of transitions but it’s definitely worthwhile, especially if you have personal commitments that limit you from working full-time.”

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