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Only £499.00 is the world's largest online network for board-level professionals. We have created a platform that hosts thousands of exclusive and premium roles all in one place, eliminating the need to scroll through hundreds of job sites to find a non-executive position that is right for you.

Whether you are looking to make that first step in to a non-executive position, explore lucrative opportunities, or share your expertise in the latter phase of your career, we’ve created a network to accommodate all. From exclusive roles and free online CPD training, to development programmes and acclaimed networking events, we will nurture your non-executive career every step of the way.

We also do not charge recruitment fees, which means employers choose to solely recruit and post roles on our network and you get to benefit from exclusive roles that are not available elsewhere.

  • Naomi

    Experts in what it takes to become an effective NED.

    “Through meeting like-minded individuals, reaping the benefits of their ‘state of the art’ training & development, and deploying their guidance on interviewing and branding, I am realising an ambition to further my career as a Non-Executive Director.”

  • Annalucca Davies

    I signed up last year - best thing I've done in a long time!

    “There is a wide variety of NED roles advertised on the site, most do not expect previous NED experience, which is a positive for those like myself, coming new to this work.”

  • David Marsh

    A fantastic experience

    “Two other members and I have gone into business together. I have extended my membership to 5 years. Highly recommended if you are serious about becoming a Non-Executive Directo”

  • David Sullivan

    Great Support for someone seeking a NED Appointment

    “I have just renewed my membership with NonExecDirectors and find that I have access to a wide range of appointments, advice and support that I'm sure will lead to an appointment soon.”

  • John

    Gained my first NED position via the network

    “Gained my first NED position via the network, also working with a business via the consultant hub. Both networks have been beneficial and the website continually has subtle improvements.”

  • Lizette May

    Well Worth It

    “It is a dynamic company, not stuck in the past. They have embraced the virtual world and are masterful at sharing learning.and experience. I am delighted to be part of their networking world.”

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